all our organic cotton baby clothes

  • are made from premium organic cotton
  • are natural cotton colour
  • feature cuts and illustrations that suit boys and girls
  • are designed in Australia
  • are made sweat-shop-free in India
  • are machine washable, see below for care details

short and long sleeve t-shirts, and onesies

  • have easy on/off neck
  • are normally available in 000, 00 and 0, see below for sizing details


  • are normally available in 000, 00 and 0, see below for sizing details
  • will stretch to accomodate larger bums or nappies


  • are available in one size fits most

product info and care

What are Bee and Tree garments made from?

100% organic cotton, in its natural color. SKAL of the Netherlands, have certified this cotton to be organic.

What is the best way to care for my Bee and Tree garments?

Machine washing is fine. Youll maintain quality of the garments best if you use a cold wash and dont bleach or tumble dry.

Where are the garments produced?

Our partners in India manufacture all of our garments. We are proud to associate with their high standards and fair trade environment. Design, illustration and printing of Bee and Tree is all done in Australia.


Size 000 0-3 months average weight 4-6kg (8-13 lb)

Size 00 3-6 months average weight 6-8kg (13-17 lb)

Size 0 6-12 months average weight 8-10kg (17-22 lb)

Note: Our size 0 t-shirt generally fits even larger babies to 18 months plus.

about organic cotton

Top 5 reasons why organic cotton is better:

  1. Tonnes less chemicals. Cotton represents 3% of the world’s crop but 25% of all chemical insecticide use is on non-organic cotton.(i)
  2. Less foggy brains. Pesticides can cause a range of ill effects in humans, from relatively mild effects such as headaches, fatigue, and nausea, to more serious illnesses.(ii)
  3. Farmers are our friends. Pesticide-related illnesses are a major problem for farmers. Fair trade and organic farming offer a healthier way of life for farmers.
  4. The environment – yeah, kind of important. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture.(iii)
  5. Wears well. Organic cotton actually feels softer than average cotton products. Care goes into producing our organic cotton, so it’s not surprising that it ends up making good quality clothing.

i. www.nourished.com.au

ii. Agricultural Pesticides: Management Improvements Needed to Further Promote Integrated Pest Management, General Accounting Office [GAO-01-815, Page 4, August 2001].

iii. Organic Trade Association

about bee and tree

Bee and tree is a small company run by the illustrator Jane Reiseger and her partner Trent. We believe in looking after our planet and in good design. Originally established in 2006 by Larn and Joe as an organic baby clothing range bee and tree has now extended its range to offer nursery murals bee and tree nursery aims to brighten up your bubbas walls with unique hand painted nursery murals bee and tree organic cotton baby wear aims to create comfortable, design-oriented pieces for bubbas.

Little creatures and motifs are featured in the bee and tree range through the artwork of Jane Reiseger.

Bee and tree is an Australian company.

contact bee and tree

office/mailing address:

33 Norfolk Street

Yarraville 3013

Victoria Australia

61 (0)438 237 467